Saturday, 10 August 2013

Details of waveline display

Waveline displays graphics
One of the simplest wall display systems available today is the waveline display. The way these waveline displays are constructed makes them cost effective and easily available systems. These systems can be set up within a matter of minutes if you are familiar with the procedures that take to set these up.

Waveline display consists of tube shock-corded together. These tube shocks are made from recycled plastic. This requires no extra tools for assembling the display system. An extra accessory that is available along with waveline display is halogen spotlight kit.

Waveline displays graphics is a result of one complete piece of fabric. Due to this there is no issues regarding alignment, color mismatch or unsightly joins. This uses a wrinkle free stretch polyester fabric. The fabric used is recyclable. Most important feature is the high quality dye sublimation printing done on the fabric.

There are many advantages of waveline displays. It is ultra lightweight and can be setup in 90 seconds. Single sided and double sided waveline is available. Fabric panels with different artwork can be used every time.

Display pop up is a traditional display method. These come with aluminum tube frames with magnetic channel bars to which the graphics attaches itself. These frames are either curved or straight. The magnetic channel bars holds the frame rigid as well.

Display pop up uses high resolution graphics panel that is printed with digital artwork onto the polyester print media. Extra lighting kits are available for these pop up in case of any special requirements.

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